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Mad studio logo blacAbout MAD STUDIO

Suspiciously mad game development studio

Why are we MAD?

We’re MAD for we like to recklessly try out new things! We take a generic concept and find all sorts of ways to reshape it unrecognizably – innovation simply drives us mad 🙂

Our purpose

Well… Since we’re mad, we’d like to dominate the whole gaming industry. FOR REAL though we’re really happy to make a living out of something so close to our heart. We’re always concerned about our player feedback and we strive to improve and provide better quality every time. You can send us feedback  from now on!

Our expertise

Having some members with experience in game development of over 5 years, we specialise in game design which engages thousands of players. We’re constantly learning what our players actually need and we seek to deliver it!

We are OPEN to new members!

Join us! We want to build our team big and strong – more people equals more possibilities! Once you go MAD, there’s no going back, you develop games to the end, you fight for your well deserved positive feedback, you gain your recognition! We’ve created a form in this place for you to apply with!

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